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A credit card that reinvents Mobility

Modalizy proposal is quite simple: one and only card to pay all your transports. Taxis, Bus, Tramway, Subway, Train, Parking, Offices, On Street Parking, Vehicles with driver,… You can pay it all with your Modalizy Pass. At the end of the month, your employer receive only one invoice. Forget paperwork… and get back VAT !

On the other hand, something is quite more complicated : the various mobility solutions in Belgium.

Is Uber available in Liege? What is Cambio? How do I do if I want to ride a ZenCar? Is it cosy in a Regus Express shared office?

To answer all theses questions, NextMoov conceived the Modalizy App – a unique mobility guide for Belgium.


Why our expertise did the difference

DeLijn, STIB, TEC, SNCB, Cambio,… We already own all their data, and we’re used to manipulate these. So our team was able to put a dedicated server giving Modalizy App the list of all mobility services available in any given place – and all that in no time. From Arlon to Oostende, from BePark to DeLijn.

Once these data are available, you obvisouly need to present them clearly. Our experise told us how to clarify a very complex mobility offer : by grouping together means of transportations and their respectives advantages.

Knowing how to handle complex mobility-related data, and knowing how to make simple to understand a really complex dataset : this is where all NextMoov expertise lies.